Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 8....More Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons

Today we were up early and got off to a good start.  We started our day at the Junior Ranger Station in Yellowstone.  Haley had picked up the booklet and completed her project with the exception of attending a demonstration.  After sitting through that, she was awarded her Yellowstone Junior Ranger patch.....Caleb decided not to participate. :(  Below are pictures of her getting her badge.

We then went into Yellowstone and began our trek out of the park.  There were a few things that we had not seen so it was nice to get a few things in.  I am attaching pictures of those, no use explaining when you can enjoy yourself!  It was so COLD and you can see all of the snow on the ground.

We then started out of the park and went into The Grand Tetons.  It was actually warmer once we made our way into that park.  The mountains were stunning since they were white and the ground was green.

There is not nearly as much to do in The Grand Tetons but it was fun nonetheless.  We then made our way to Jackson, Wyoming for the night.  We went to dinner where I had the best meal I have had so far on vacation, and that meant a lot!!!

After eating we did a little shopping and I snapped this picture of the kids.  We call them "Bill and Billena."  Sorry, the computer keeps flipping the pic the wrong way!!!

We head out to Utah tomorrow.  We are seeing Salt Lake City and going down to Moab.

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  1. I am officially jealous... those pictures are breathtaking!!! I wish I could be there to enjoy... I love photography!! So glad you guys are getting to experience this!