Monday, July 25, 2011

Mommy's MIlestone

Today I sent not one, but BOTH of my children to camp.  Can I just say that I missed them as soon as they pulled out of the parking lot??

All of those little kids waving bye to their Mom's and Dad's....just sad.  Now of course I have enjoyed the quite time with no one yelling that he is touching me or she is sticking her tongue out. 

I have already proclaimed that I will be a basket case when they actually grow up and are gone.  Dont get me wrong, I do want them to leave one day....I do not want my kids to be 30 and still living with me. 
Jay and I have big plans for when they are gone....just kidding.....well maybe not :)

But as a mom it is so hard to start letting go.

You can see by the pictures sent to me by another parent who is chaperoning that they obviously miss me too :)

I guess I am hoping today that I am training them up in the way they should go......because pretty soon they will be gone. :(

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